Arbitrator for Financial Disputes

From 9 January 2017, if a customer does not receive a response to a complaint within 60 days or is dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint itself, and no other procedures for the out-of-court settlement of disputes for the same complaint are pending, the customer may contact the Arbitrator for Financial disputes (ACF) established by Consob with Resolution no. 19602 of 4 May 2016.

The appeal must be filed within one year of the submission of the complaint or, if filed before 9 January 2017, within one year from that date.

Retail customers (excluding professional clients and qualified counterparties) may bring an action before the ACF and access is free of charge for the investor and reduced terms are provided to reach a decision: in any case, the investor’s right to bring the matter before the legal authorities remains unchanged, whatever the outcome of the out-of-court settlement procedure.

The ACF is competent for disputes involving claims for sums of money of less than 500,000 euros, relating to the violation of obligations of information, diligence, fairness, correctness and transparency that intermediaries are required to abide by when providing investors with investment and collective asset management services.

The right to appeal to the Arbitrator cannot be waived by the investor and can be exercised at all times, even in the presence of clauses devolving disputes to other out-of-court settlement bodies contained in the contracts.

For information on how the ACF operates, please refer to the ACF website ( and to the attached brochure prepared by Consob.

Our business
The activity of Finint Investments SGR is based on three main pillars:
  • the establishment of mutual investment funds dedicated to professional clients;
  • the promotion of innovative financial securities and real estate instruments aimed at developing new business opportunities that meet the requirements of investors;
  • the complete management of investment portfolios on behalf of institutional investors thanks to the expertise of its team and a qualified and professional pool of technical and legal advisors.
Mauro Sbroggiò protagonista della puntata di settembre di Insight Channel
20 September 2022

Mauro Sbroggiò, AD di Finint Investments SGR, ha preso parte alla puntata di settembre di Insights Channel FundsPeople, format di FundsPeople attivo dal 2020 che approfondisce e dà un volto ai temi della rivista mensile offrendo spunti interessanti di dibattito e aggregazione tra i professionisti del risparmio gestito attraverso panel dedicati di volta in volta ad argomenti di interesse e attualità. 

Finint Equity for Growth (Finint E4G) perfeziona il signing dell'investimento in Tecno Cover
06 September 2022

Primo signing per Finint Equity for Growth (Finint E4G), fondo di Private Equity di Finint Investments SGR.

Il fondo, nei giorni scorsi, ha perfezionato il signing propedeutico all’acquisizione della quota di maggioranza della società Tecno COVER di Carrè (VI), che commercializza i propri prodotti con il marchio STOVEitaly, mentre il closing è previsto per il mese di ottobre 2022.

Il Fondo Finint Bond miglior Fondo Hedge categoria Single Manager
30 March 2022
Finint Bond, fondo mobiliare alternativo gestito da Finint Investments SGR, è salito sul gradino più alto del podio delle gestioni migliori in termini di performance nella categoria dei fondi “single manager” ai MondoAlternative Awards 2022 come Miglior Fondo Hedge Single Manager 2021 e come Miglior Fondo Hedge Single Manager a 3 anni (2019-2021).