1. Preliminary remarks
A complaint is understood to be any objection, expression of unhappiness or dissatisfaction for damage or a wrong suffered by customers or potential retail customers for which SGR is deemed responsible or, at least, competent.
SGR handles any written objection received from its current or potential retail customers as a complaint, regarding the establishment, promotion, management or administration activities of Collective Investment Undertakings (CIUs) or Individual Asset Management Funds and that have as their content an economic prejudice or breach of contractual obligations or internal procedures.
Pursuant to article 17 of the Bank of Italy and Consob Regulation of 29 October 2007 and subsequent amendments and additions, SGR has adopted suitable procedures to ensure that written complaints submitted by customers are handled promptly and that records are kept of the essential elements of each complaint received and of the measures put into place to resolve the issue. For the purposes of handling complaints, SGR considers it appropriate that complaints received from professional customers (by law or on request) should be treated in the same way as complaints received from retail customers.

2. Procedures for dealing with complaints
Complaints are handled by the Compliance Function who evaluates whether they are justified and then records them in a special Register. Once the complaint has been recorded, the Compliance Function prepares the paperwork, making use of the collaboration of all the structures involved, in order to allow an appropriate and timely response to the requesting party.

3. Procedures for sending complaints
In order to be considered valid, complaints must contain the customer’s identification details, the reasons for the grievance and must be signed by the customer or his representative. Complaints, together with any relative documentation supporting the facts of the dispute, must be addressed to:

Finanziaria Internazionale Investments SGR S.p.A.
Gruppo Finanziaria Internazionale
Via Vittorio Alfieri, 1 – 31015 Conegliano (TV)

Or, alternatively sent by:
  • ordinary mail,
  • registered letter with return receipt,
  • email:, for the attention of the Compliance Office (copy of the letter in PDF format),
  • PEC email: (copy of the letter in PDF format),
  • fax to no. +39 0438 694566,
  • delivered by hand.

4. Outcome of complaints
The final outcome of the complaint, containing the decision by SGR, is sent to the Customer within 60 days from the date of its receipt by registered mail with return receipt, at the addresses in possession of SGR or by PEC email. If particular requirements require longer periods, SGR provides the Customer, within said term, information on the time needed to formulate a comprehensive response.
Our business
The activity of Finint Investments SGR is based on three main pillars:
  • the establishment of mutual investment funds dedicated to professional clients;
  • the promotion of innovative financial securities and real estate instruments aimed at developing new business opportunities that meet the requirements of investors;
  • the complete management of investment portfolios on behalf of institutional investors thanks to the expertise of its team and a qualified and professional pool of technical and legal advisors.
AVVISO: Modifiche al Regolamento di Gestione dell’OICVM Aperto denominato "Fondo Finint Economia Reale Italia"
17 January 2020
Si informa che il Consiglio di Amministrazione di Finanziaria Internazionale Investments SGR S.p.A. (Finint SGR) del 14 gennaio 2020 ha deliberato la modifica del regolamento del fondo Finint Economia Reale Italia per adeguare la politica di investimento ai nuovi vincoli delle risorse destinate ai piani di risparmio a lungo termine (PIR) che devono essere osservati al fine di beneficiare delle agevolazioni fiscali previste dalla legge
Trentino Minibond, il nuovo basket bond di Finint SGR per nove PMI associate a Confindustria Trento
26 July 2019
Il Fondo Strategico Trentino - Alto Adige, gestito da Finint SGR, ha investito, tramite la segnalazione dell'Associazione degli industriali trentini, in 9 diverse imprese della Provincia di Trento attraverso un’innovativa operazione di sistema per complessivi Euro 10,2 milioni.
AVVISO: Liquidazione del FIA Italiano Riservato denominato "Fondo Dynamic Equity"
31 May 2019
Si informa che Finanziaria Internazionale Investments Società di Gestione del Risparmio S.p.A. in data 24 maggio u.s. ha deliberato la messa in liquidazione del FIA Italiano Riservato denominato “Finint Dynamic Equity’.